The Sinett Solution

So much pain in all parts of the body is caused by tightness or imbalance in the back and core. The Backbridge is the tool for helping get you back to health.

For years, I had been studying the effects of spinal compression on my patients. It seemed almost everyone was suffering from it, largely due to the excessive amounts of sitting that we do in our daily lives (thanks, desk job!). The solutions for spinal compression at the time were either too bulky or expensive, and I knew that I could develop something that people could use every day, regardless of age of fitness level, at a fraction of the cost.

Initially, I developed the Backbridge just to use in the office. Then patients wanted to use it at home and started to order it for their friends and family members. It wasn’t long before Backbridges were on tour buses and flown to movie sets. A year and a half ago, I shot an infomercial about Backbridge and sold more than 5,000 of them last year!

As a certified fitness trainer, I also wanted to explore the fitness aspects of my Backbridge and teamed with other experts to create yoga, core and stretching videos with the Backbridge, which you can get right here on the blog, as well as instructions for regular Backbridge use!

Maybe I shouldn’t reveal this, but . . . Backbridge twice a day can keep the chiropractor away!

Posted on December 3, 2015

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