The benefits of reclining

Wait! Don’t leave! This is not a lame article!  I know you all know how to sit down (hinge at hips, lean back, release into chair), but do you really know what to do once you are there? The reality is that most of us are experiencing so much back pain because we aren’t sitting properly.

Whether you are sitting in a car, at a desk or while watching television, most of us spend the day crunched into a forward position (that horrific C factor!).  Sitting up straight as a board isn’t the best choice because it also puts downward compression on your spine.  Turns out, reclining is the best way to sit!

Four reasons to recline

1.    Reverse crunch: A reclining chair essentially does the opposite of what we naturally tend to do all day, which is hunch forward. A reclining chair can help correct the proper spinal alignment by offsetting this forward posture.

2.    Take a load off: Research has proven that sitting in an extended posture (leaning backward) relieves the compressive load on the spine.  Taking pressure off of the spine can provide instant relief for the back pain sufferer.

3.    Expand your lungs: Sitting in a reclined and extended position helps to open up your airways and chest, allowing you to take a deeper more oxygen rich breath.

4.    Stress Reliever: Sitting back slightly with your feet up is more comfortable, which can make it easier to relax and therefore reduce stress.  Since research has proven that stress is a primary cause of back pain, this is a great benefit of using a recliner. 

While you may not have the option to recline at work, take advantage of a reclining seat in your car or on an airplane.  Of course, you don’t want to compromise your vision when driving, but tilting the seat back a few extra degrees can make you less sore after a commute! And try to recline on the couch (or better yet, a recliner!) at home while watching TV.  It’s the best way to take a [compressive] load off!

Posted on November 11, 2015

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