BackBridge Cardio!

The Backbridge isn’t just for stretching and releasing your stiff back. Incorporating it into your certain cardio routines, like plyometric exercises, can help give you better form and protect your back while boosting your heart rate. Here’s one of my favorites. It works up a sweat every time!

Mountain Climbers
Place elbows on your Backbridge with legs extended out behind you. Bring one knee forward while holding the other in position and switch legs. Quicken your pace to get your heart pumping!

Mountain climbersMountain climbers 2

Twisted Mountain climbers

Get into regular mountain climber position. Bring one leg in and twist it across your body to the opposite elbow. This will really work the obliques.

Twisted Mountain Climbers oneTwisted mountain climbers 2


Do 12-15 repetitions of each, for three sets and feel the burn!



Posted on December 11, 2015

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