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Download the Digestive Inflammation Test

Posted on 5:34 pm

DR. TODD SINETT “Helping people get relief from back pain has been my passion for over 20 years. In my latest book  The Back Pain Relief Diet, I address the influence our diets can have on back pain.   Inflammation is one of the keys in this connection and the Digestive Inflammation test in the link […]

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BackBridge Cardio!

Posted on 10:43 pm

The Backbridge isn’t just for stretching and releasing your stiff back. Incorporating it into your certain cardio routines, like plyometric exercises, can help give you better form and protect your back while boosting your heart rate. Here’s one of my favorites. It works up a sweat every time! Mountain Climbers Place elbows on your Backbridge […]

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The Sinett Solution

Posted on 8:01 pm

So much pain in all parts of the body is caused by tightness or imbalance in the back and core. The Backbridge is the tool for helping get you back to health. For years, I had been studying the effects of spinal compression on my patients. It seemed almost everyone was suffering from it, largely […]

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The benefits of reclining

Posted on 6:49 pm

Wait! Don’t leave! This is not a lame article!  I know you all know how to sit down (hinge at hips, lean back, release into chair), but do you really know what to do once you are there? The reality is that most of us are experiencing so much back pain because we aren’t sitting properly. Whether […]

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If you needed more reasons to walk for exercise

Posted on 9:10 pm

Running is often touted as the optimal workout for cardiovascular training, body toning and endurance.  Walking is frequently dismissed as being just the warm-up or cool-down, or the lazy/old/out-of-shape person’s workout. Don’t be so quick to snub walking. Walking is rapidly catching on as the preferred cardiovascular training method of many health-and fitness-minded folks—not only […]

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Treat your feet

Posted on 8:31 pm

I feel bad for feet. We crunch ‘em up and shove ‘em into uncomfortable shoes and still expect them to carry us around all day, blaming them for the blisters we inflict! Not to mention, they take the bad rap for being the smelliest part of the body (hello, armpits anyone?)! It’s time for feet […]

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Reboot this fall

Posted on 3:49 pm

Sometimes we need to shake ourselves up a bit—a sort of a reboot from our everyday routines.  Taking on something new can be intimidating, but being pushed beyond our comfort zone can help you grow and realize new potential. Last season I took up skiing with the family.  A day out on the slopes was just […]

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Balance Your Way to Wellness

Posted on 6:01 pm

A new patient came to me complaining of back pain.  Understanding that the body is interconnected and back pain is often the result of something else going on in the body, I proceeded with my usual round of questioning and learned she was also suffering from vestibulitis. Vestibulitis is an inflammation of the skin and […]

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15-Second Stress Reliever

Posted on 7:03 pm

Whenever you feel yourself stressed or overwhelmed, try this simple technique I learned from a stress management counselor. Take a deep breath in slowly for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and then exhale for 5 seconds.  Do this 4 times, totaling one minute. When you are under pressure at work, it may feel like […]

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Chill Pills: The Most Important Medication

Posted on 9:52 pm

We all know the basics on how to stay healthy: Eat well: check. Exercise regularly: check. Get yearly physicals: check. Manage your emotions: uh, what? You heard right.  Managing your emotions is one of the most important things you can do for your health. You may make a joke that you’ve been feeling like a basket […]

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My gluten-free picks

Posted on 4:30 pm

If you do have celiac’s disease or a gluten intolerance, you may find that switching to the gluten-free substitutes takes some getting used to.  I’ve asked friends to weigh in and give their picks for gluten-free foods that taste as good as the real thing! LaPasta’s fresh gluten-free pasta and ravioli (found in the refrigerated […]

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Ease yourself into a workout

Posted on 3:48 pm

There are three components to aerobic training: the warm up the aerobic training zone the cool down Lots of people skip out on the warm up and cool down, but each component should be given an equal amount of time during the workout. For example, a 30-minute workout should be broken down into 10 minutes of […]

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Milkin’ it

Posted on 7:47 pm

Milk is a great source of calcium and protein, but lots of people with dairy sensitivities can’t handle it.  Even those who can are turning to vegan alternatives to pour in cereal, add to coffee or smoothies or just drink plain. Most of these alternatives come in sweetened and unsweetened, sometimes even in “Vanilla” and […]

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A recipe for happiness

Posted on 4:07 pm

So now we know that B6 is a mood-boosting vitamin, and the best way to get it is from natural food sources. Here’s a recipe packed with B6 (as well as antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, E, K!) to help you perk up. It’s a twist on a fruit-and-nut salad, and it’s perfect for a simple […]

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The beauty of just walking

Posted on 6:50 pm

As someone who makes a living treating people who suffer from back pain, I hear the same question almost every day: “What is a good exercise to help my pain?”  My answer: walking. “Walking? That’s it?” Yes. That’s it. A University of California study compared two groups of people suffering from low back pain. The […]

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The art of letting go

Posted on 6:58 pm

My important message of the week is that emotions have a direct effect on your physical health. In fact, anti-depressants have been found to be more effective for back pain than anti-inflammatory medication.   This among many other findings suggests our bodies are an undivided network in which physical and emotional pain can most certainly intermingle. […]

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Look good, feel great

Posted on 10:04 pm

When summer hits, so does beach body fever. But this month, I want you to focus on more than just the way exercise makes you look. I want you to focus how it makes you feel. Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your health—as important as making regular visits […]

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Don’t “eat” your gym membership

Posted on 9:46 pm

Here’s something to help you get your butt to the gym: The fitness industry banks on the fact that you will not exercise. Actuarial studies have found that the average gym user will go less than twice a week. With the average monthly cost of health club memberships reaching $55, that’s approximately $39 worth of […]

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Eating too much salad can be a bad thing

Posted on 8:57 pm

So you’ve committed to a healthy diet and each day you’ve resigned yourself to eat a big healthy salad full of greens and other produce full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. But did you know that too much roughage can lead to back pain? That’s right. You’re body needs variety to thrive. I’ve discovered that what […]

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