Balance Your Way to Wellness

A new patient came to me complaining of back pain.  Understanding that the body is interconnected and back pain is often the result of something else going on in the body, I proceeded with my usual round of questioning and learned she was also suffering from vestibulitis.

Vestibulitis is an inflammation of the skin and the mucous secreting glands found in the skin.  This condition can occur in women of all ages, and usually affects the vagina – leading to both physical and emotional discomfort.

This particular patient had recently been experiencing pain during intercourse, which was leading to embarrassment, frustration and stress on her marriage, not to mention a lot of physical pain.  As we spoke further, I discovered that she and her husband were hoping to get pregnant—and that the condition was adding sadness and stress to what should have been a happy time.

My patient had been on two different steroid-based medications, with the doctors hoping that the medication would remove the inflammation and thus the pain.  But, no matter what medications she tried, nothing seemed to work!

Where were those other doctors failing?  They were not asking the most essential question: “WHY are the skin and membranes around your vagina inflamed?” This is a recurring theme in Balance in The Body.  You can’t treat something unless you know the cause!

Stress + Imbalance = Inflammation

I surely had no idea why she had suddenly developed vestibulitis—and then I realized, maybe it wasn’t so sudden.  As I examined her I noticed that her hips and pelvis were uneven and rotated.  I explained to her that this type of structural imbalance could easily cause inflammation and pain.

“Have you ever had this problem before?” I asked.  She had.

Three years prior, while in the process of ending a very bad relationship, she developed vestibulitis amidst the fights and stress.  The problem went away a few weeks after the unhealthy relationship ended.   Then my patient told me something very important: she and her husband were in counseling to work on some problems that they had been experiencing prior to her vestibulitis.

Back to balance 

It was clear that this patient’s physical reaction to emotional stress was inflammation leading to vestibulitis.  I couldn’t erase my patient’s marital problems or magically remove all her stress (I wish!). But what I could do was put her body back into physical alignment.

I adjusted her spine to free up her bones and muscles, helping to return normal range of motion to her body and gave her breathing exercises to do to help align her mind and thoughts and calm her body.  This would help her stress-induced inflammation. Fast forward about a month and her back pain and vestibulitis were gone.  When my patient asked me what my cure for vestibulitis was, my response was that it wasn’t me who cured her… it was her!

When we help a patient align his or her body structurally, emotionally, and chemically, the body is able to fix itself.  Balance in the body is the fastest and healthiest way to wellness!


Posted on October 15, 2015

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